On Friday afternoon, the György Martin Folk Dance Festival in Szeged will begin with a musical parade of the participating ensembles, the Foundation of the International Folk Dance Festival in Szeged informed. MTI.

The first large-scale summer folk dance festival was held in Szeged in 1966. Since the 1970s, based on the idea of ​​Ferenc Novák, the event has featured international Hungarian ensembles one year and Hungarian and cross-border ensembles l ‘other. This last festival is named after György Martin, a folklorist who died in 1983.

At the festival, ensembles can present their new choreography in front of a jury, and they will be evaluated and rewarded by experts. A few years ago, the organizers decided to offer groups of young people the opportunity to perform in a professional competition, because this age group already has the dance skills to provide a complete aesthetic experience, while their enthusiasm , their passion and dedication are unmatched.

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This year, groups of six ensembles will perform at the festival, in addition to the Szeged Dance Ensemble, the Figurás Dance Ensemble from Nyíregyháza, the Bartók Dance Ensemble from Békéscsaba, the Dobbantó Folk Dance Ensemble from Szegvár, the folk dance ensemble Árendás from Hódmezővásárhely, and the folk dance ensemble Tiszavirág from Deszk and Szeged.

On Friday afternoon, participants in folk costumes accompanied by music will parade from Széchenyi Square via Kárász Street to Dugonics Square, where they will give a taste of their performances at the opening of the festival. The following evening, the ensembles will present their programs in front of the jury and the public at the Kisszínház. In addition, the young dancers will have the opportunity to participate in a professional program of dance demonstrations, a jury will give a detailed professional evaluation of their performances, and as tradition dictates, the day’s activities will end with a dance party. until dawn.

Image selected via the Szeged International Folk Dance Festival and the Martin György Folk Dance Festival Facebook page