be extremely talented Christian Krauter makes a striking impression with his prolific musical artistry. His superpowered musical artistry offers intense supremacy and demands attention. As a successful entrepreneur, he has never hidden his fire for the music business. Just to taste his musical efficiency you can attend his song ‘Blow up the place‘, and the song will deliver the same as the title suggests, it will deliver the best vibes for your party. The EDM number will have you dancing with the well-cultivated tunes and the unique musical diction. You can also attend “Where do I know you from?” another very impressive number.

He’s from Brisbane, Australia, and he’s been a very successful businessman. He runs a cloud-based company named “Datanova” and covers Australian provinces and New Zealand. Her inspiring journey motivates people to embark on the journey that allows them to shine their passion and follow their heart. This queensland dj makes indulgent music and composes pieces amazingly. The charming mixes and its unique styles can be extremely moving once you hear the songs. Make sure your next party plays their tunes to create the groovey vibes and the perfect dance vibe.

The best way to enjoy his musical supremacy is to indulge in his music and you will surely fall in love with the all-consuming diction of his tunes. Christian Krauter will surely give you a good time in songs like ‘Where I Know You From?’, ‘Blow The Place Down’, ‘Give Me Bass House’, ‘Deja Vu’, ‘Music La Fiesta’, ‘Shine’, ‘Uhyea Baby Dub’, ‘You Give Me Energy’, ‘Ease Me’, ‘Not a Venyl Record’, ‘Forced Digits’, ‘Got Me (russky)’, ‘DOYO U’, ‘I Want You Back’, ‘Sunset Chorus’, ‘Lost Control’, ‘Space Monkey Ride’, ‘NEVER Felt So Good’, ‘Get Up’. You can follow him on SoundCloud, Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, instagramand its website.

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