The UK Dance Music scene is on the side of the rest of the country, showing its anger, frustration and disappointment after Boris Johnson announced a one-month delay in lifting the latest lockdowns in the country. What was to be “Freedom Day” will have to wait four more weeks because the COVID situation is still worrying in the United Kingdom, according to the government.

Everything was to return to normal in the United Kingdom on Monday, June 21. However, the country and dance music industry has just learned, a week from the announced date, that it will have to wait a little longer. For DJs, venue owners, promoters, photographers and all workers in the industry, Monday 21 was a day of relief and hope. Clubs and venues were to reopen, DJs were booked and fans were getting ready. But for now, all the hope and expectations have turned to anger and disappointment on social media.

After the announcement, the NTIA (Association of Night Industries) launched a # Let us dance campaign which has since gone viral. The legitimate frustration can only be understood in view of the very difficult year the industry is going through.

The based in Los Angeles and born in the United Kingdom Gareth Emery was one of many to make up for the social media backlog, alongside other DJs and performing figures such as Caméphat, Skeptical , Printing, and Solardo.

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