“Unwell” – Sleeping Benjamin, DEON & Tomatow

Emerging talent sleepy benjamin has teamed up with DEON and Tomatow for “Unwell,” an astonishing show of writing and production that is able to keep listeners on their toes throughout.

“What Have I Done” – Vanic & CREAM

Acclaimed producer Vanic and multi-talented artist CREAM return to CloudKid with “What Did I Do,” a heartfelt combination of punchy bass and subtle indie production.

“Round trip” – FR3ADY

Emerging talent FR3ADY has just unveiled “Back & Forth,” a funky showcase of creativity that is filled with exciting moments throughout.

Sparkee – Feel Alive (Lenno Remix)

Curating a captivating atmosphere that takes us back to the 80s, Lenno’s version of Sparkee’s “Feel Alive” is a great showcase of his bubbly sound design and arranging skills.

“Diana” – Glitch Eraser

Hyperpop artist Glitch Gum debuts “Diana,” an explosive yet personal combination of smooth guitars, gritty bass, and soulful vocals.

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“Lost” – CloudNone & Danyka Nadeau

By teaming up with Danyka Nadeau, CloudNone produces a fascinating house arrangement on “Lost”. Progressing through a four-minute journey, the track is fueled by the masked producer’s dynamic production style and Nadeau’s emotive performance.

“I Love You” – Direct & Harvey

Direct and Harvey land on Monstercat with “I Love You,” making for an ethereal, downtempo collaboration driven by celestial vocals, soft piano chords, and organic percussion.

“Desh” – nimino

Beloved beatsmith Nimino returns to TH3RD BRAIN with “Desh,” taking listeners on a journey through Middle Eastern-inspired melodies, expert vocal samples, and catchy drum grooves.

“Edge of the Precipice” – Venture 5

Venture 5 makes an impressive debut with its First EP connectionwith “Edge of The Precipice” combining gritty bass and ambient melodic elements for a breathtaking auditory experience.

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