“I dream of myself” – Jack Shore, Tollef & Jaime Deraz

Arriving at NCS, Israeli artist Jack Shore combined his talents with Tollef and Jaime Deraz to unveil “Dreaming Of Me,” a radio-ready combination of dance, funk and pop.

“Useless” – Doctor Neiman

Marking his latest single of this year, emerging talent Doctor Neiman returns to Circus Records to share “Useless”, an intoxicating and immersive melodic bass record.

“Crash” – QUIET BISON & Madalen Duke

QUIET BISON continues their impressive series of singles via Ultra Music, with their latest offering “Crash” featuring the voice of Madalen Duke, in addition to an otherworldly and wobbly production.

“Show” – sebjin

French talent Sebjin shows off his musical and production skills on “Show,” effortlessly moving from glitchy trap sections to jazz-infused bridges and ambient outro.

“Just try” – Eyezic

Rising trap artist Eyezic returns to UZ’s Quality Good Records with “Just Try,” an ethereal combination of grainy sound design and playful melodies.

Underground vibrations | 075

Jack Shore, Doctor Neiman, QUIET BISON and many more are featured in this week’s episode of “Underground Vibes”.

“Everyone Knew” – Angel Cannon & Dyzphoria

Angel Cannon’s latest EP Sky Gen_1 just arrived via vibe.digital, and ‘Everybody Knew’ alongside Wave Pillar Dyzphoria is one of its highlights.

“Touch” – David Herrlich

Landing on the hau5trap imprint of deadmau5, German-born talent David Herrlich has released his latest single “Touch”, a funky deep house track.

“Over-reflection” – Pham

Marking his first solo release this year, Polish artist Pham is back with “Ooopsinking”, a perfect demonstration of his genre style.

“Jade” – Dilip

LA-based producer Dilip shared his latest instrumental mixtape Pressure III, and the introductory track “jade” is undoubtedly a highlight with its anthemic chords and dreamlike strings.

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