Clive Malunga

TODAY, the nation as a whole celebrates Heroes Day to honor those who lost their lives liberating Zimbabwe from colonial rule.

During the country’s liberation war, music played a pivotal role in boosting morale and increasing the zeal of freedom fighters to endure the rigors of bush warfare.

The most important songs of this era were Maruza Imi by the late Dickson “Chinx” Chingaira.

Not only did these songs lift the morale of the fighters, but they also acted as a message of encouragement to parents to send their children to war and songs like Thomas Mapfumo’s ZimbabweMozambique come to mind.

In today’s society, creatives also have a role to play in teaching current generations about the important role played by departed heroes and heroines.

Talk to NewsDay Life & Style, war veteran and musician Clive Malunga said, “Current generations need to be constantly reminded of the importance of where we come from as a nation through music and dance. We only have one Zimbabwe and we are its rightful owners, therefore, the current generation should also aim to protect the Chimurenga heritage.

The Nesango hitmaker encouraged younger generations to safeguard the country’s heritage through democratic means, while urging them to be patriotic and persevering even in difficult times.

Renowned sculptor Stanley Mutanga felt that as content creators, they had a duty to teach younger generations about the heroes and heroines of Zimbabwe.

“In our creative industry, we have a big role to play. As people in the industry, we must organize festivals, exhibitions and workshops during this month of celebrating Heroes’ Day. I think it will help our younger generation understand the importance of Heroes’ Day,” he said.

To mark the significance of Heroes Day through music, there will be a Heroes Gala tonight at the Harare International Conference Centre.

The free gala will be graced with performances by musicians such as South Africa’s Mafikizolo, Selmor Mtukudzi, Andy Muridzo, Mathias Mhere, Mark Ngwazi and Chief Hwenje, among others.

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