As Korean boy band BTS continues to fly high with the success of their latest music video ‘Permission To Dance’, the boys have now released their reaction video to the track.

Filmed before the song’s official release, in the video the Bangtan Boys sit together and review the video before making the final edits. In the opening scene, they’re surprised at how the track connects to the iconic pancake scene from their previous “Butter” music video.

To this, band member RM shares his excitement to see his vivid colors in the video, while Junkook is compared to the movie “The Good, the Bad, the Weird”. They also revealed that Jungkook arrived on set two hours earlier to shoot just one scene in the video.

Speaking of the non-celebrity people featured in ‘Permission To Dance’, J-Hope said in Korean, “This clip makes sense because there were ordinary people featured in it,” and Jungkook added, “It’s an experience. healing ”as others happily agreed with the two while watching everyone dance thoroughly.

Jimin and V further shared that the end credits scene included all of the team and staff involved in the project, such as their stylists, bodyguards, lightweight man, managers and more.

Jimin said, “I think it’s our first clip that gives such a happy feeling. We had some fun and interesting music videos, but it makes you happy.” We broke free from this prejudice that we don’t. have no other people appearing in our clips besides ourselves, ”RM added.

Watch the full video here with English subtitles:

The video has now passed one million views.

“Permission To Dance” marks the first collaboration between BTS, Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Jenna Andrews and Johnny McDaid.