Masterfully shot by New York-based Uzbek-born cinematographer George Itzhak and choreographed by Georgian and Moscow-raised dancer and performance artist Lea Elisha, the clip portrays Elisha as the goddess; a wanderer like the wind, swaying to a rhythmic and meditative melody and set against the backdrop of the Californian desert at golden hour.

“We proposed a visual approach centered on a camera sensitive to the choreography. The spirit of Georgian dance and Lea’s original choreography referring to it had to be expressed through the framing and the cover, ”Itzhak explains. “We shot this project during Magic Hour and at sunset in a remote desert location; the light we had to work with was fleeting and fleeting. Lea and I felt that this perfectly reflected the character she played in this dance.

The choreography is inspired by the concept of eclecticism and mixes modern dance with various Georgian folk dances. The song, Shuka shuka, by Ilusha Tsinadze, a Georgian composer based in New York City, is a contemporary interpretation of a Georgian folk tune on Greek myth. Originally present in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts, dating back to the 8th century BC.