Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah portrayed Veera Kunitha, a folk dance form of Karnataka, during a temple fair. Now a video of the politician performing the dance has created an online buzz.

In the video, Siddaramaiah, the opposition leader in the Karnataka Assembly, can be seen dancing with a group of men in his home village of Siddaramanahundi during the Siddarameshwara Jatra.

The video shows him and others singing at the temple festival as a massive crowd gathers and cheers as they dance to the beat of traditional drums and flutes.

The video went viral after it was shared online by Siddaramaiah’s son, Yathindra, a Congressman from Varuna constituency in Mysuru.

According to local reports, the top politician danced and captivated the crowd for about 40 minutes. “I am happy to be here. I never miss our hometown fair. I had been here even when I was deputy chief minister and chief minister as well. Now I am back,” said declared Siddaramaiah to ETV Bharat.

The Congress leader said he would have danced more vigorously if not for his diabetes. “I may have forgotten the songs but I automatically started dancing to the beats,” the 73-year-old said, adding that he learned dancing when he was young, according to Udayavani.

The fair is held once every two years but has not been held for six years due to the pandemic and renovation works. This year, the public flooded into the temple and participated in the fair with a renewed spirit, local media reported.