ZASH Global, a cheeky startup co-founded by Ted Farnsworth, wants to give a gift to the city ZASH calls home. On October 2, from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST at Clinton Square in Syracuse, Dandelion will bring to life a completely FREE electronic dance music concert equivalent to productions found in Miami.

Nicky Romero will fly from the Netherlands to make the front page of the event. Not only does Nicky have a claim to fame as a DJ, but he’s also a well-known producer and mogul whose label is at the forefront of modern dance music. From her hits “Toulouse” and “I could be the one” to her recent # 1 track from American dance radio “Sometimes'” with DallasK & Xylo, Nicky has an impressive discography of originals, remixes and co-productions proving its capabilities. to the ever-changing landscape of electronic music. The success and impact of his Protocol Records label in which he participated in the production of Rhianna’s “Right Now”, Britany Spears’ “It Should Be Easy”, as well as multiple collaborations with David Guetta … name just a few.

Deorro will join Nicky. After more than a decade of developing his genre-scrambling musical style, Los Angeles-born producer Erick Orrosquieta, known as Deorro, has become a world touring DJ, acclaimed songwriter and true superstar producer. Deorro will focus on the variety of styles he has become known for, such as Melbourne Bounce and Latin. Andrew Moore, known as Kryoman, will also perform at the Dandelion. He has played in Syracuse before and no one forgets his performances. Based in Miami but born in London, Kryoman is making his presence known with 10ft tall robot suits, equipped with high powered lights, smoke guns and high definition LED mapping. His musical techniques include trap and future house. Moore was a dancer on the main stage of the Ultra Music Festival Miami and toured with David Guetta, Steve Aoki, the Black Eyed Peas and Akon.

Other artists include EC Twins, SVNF8, Tadeo Fernandez, and Talia Eisset. The EC Twins have been credited as two of the most influential figures in electronic dance music and through their “British Invasion”, played a large role in the explosion of electronic music in the United States. They started out performing in small clubs in Los Angeles and invested all of their finances in their music and performances. Their hard work has paid off, turning a local fan base into an army of dedicated followers around the world.

The mysterious new producer on the scene, SVNF8, has blown listeners away with mind-boggling techno soundscapes on his latest releases. After making his debut at Mau5trap with the seductive single “Twin Flames”, the masked musician is back on the much-acclaimed imprint’s release radar with a dark but at the same time uplifting new track, “Never Ever”. After placing his music on the Lomotif app, SVNF8 saw nearly 4 million views.

Lomotif’s advanced technology and attention to detail are taken to the next level. From the editing tools, the quality, the simplicity and the interaction of the fans; it is a must for daily media networking.


Tadeo Fernandez and Talia Eisset are among the most influential influencers in electronic dance music. Tadeo offers songs that reach the top charts and millions of plays, as well as the biggest electronic, viral and top music playlists. His distinctive style and energetic club and festival shows performed around the world have helped build a solid career and reputation. Talia is well known as an MTV star and actress, but also for her shows at festivals and clubs around the world. Performing on stages such as Resistance by Ultra, Medusa Festival Mexico, Storage Festival and a recent tour of Ibiza playing in the most iconic venues of Pacha, Bora Bora and Carnero. Involved in DJing, production, modeling and comedy, Talia always prepares to improve herself to give the best shows possible.

With plenty of food trucks, cold beers and wine, Dandelion will educate you. Being in the entertainment world, ZASH understands the importance of the arts on culture, quality of life, education and fueling the economy. “Often arts programs are the first to be cut when budgets are tight,” Farnsworth recalls. “We want to give back to this city by supporting artistic programs for our young people. “

Redhouse Arts Center is a professional, non-profit theater serving the community by providing premier and inclusive experiences through its theatrical and educational programs. In schools, they reach thousands of students every day to engage them in learning through art classes. It also offers classes and camps during school holidays and produces a professional theater season. Donations to support this program are accepted at the Redhouse City Schools Program

We are proud of our partnership with Syracuse City Schools and the impact we have on student success. Using the arts as a process rather than a product helps engage students in new ways.

Samara Hannah, Executive Director of Redhouse

ZASH Global Media and Entertainment Corporation is an evolved network of synergistic companies working together to disrupt the media and entertainment industry as we know it today. A recent acquisition of ZASH was Lomotif, a video editing app that competes with companies like TikTok. Lomotif is the spearhead of new technologies for creating and editing videos. “Lomotif’s greatest asset is a patented tool that allows creators to edit and stitch multiple clips,” said Paul Yang, CEO and Founder of Lomotif. “But that doesn’t mean the user has to bring in five different clips to create. The tool also has a scalable library that suggests clips based on any keyword you add, much like Google recommendations.

Lomotif recently entered into an agreement with Universal Music to license its music library. Lomotif users now have access to thousands of songs from Universal Music Group artists, including Olivia Rodrigo, to use in their music videos.

Stop by the Lomo Video Booth for the chance to create a music video and upload it to the Lomo app. A&R executives will review the auditions and see if any potential artists have a chance to move forward with Lomo Records. Then step onto the red carpet in front of the ZASH / Lomo step and repeat! Take your photo and post it on your page. The first 100 people to visit our tent in Dandelion will receive free ZASH goods. Can’t attend the event? The full 6 hours will be available for a live broadcast also available on the Lomo app.

Visit and learn about another branch of our Magnifi U business. Magnifi U is an immersive online education platform that helps you develop skills, grow strengths, and live with purpose. Magnifi U offers online classes and because they just launched a beta testing site… you can get their classes for free for a limited time! To find out more subscribe here or drop by their tent on October 2.

“This will be a festival unlike CNY has seen before,” said Kimberly Rossi, ZASH media relations specialist. “The stage, production, Lazer show, C02 cannons, performers and a few more surprises will bring the whole experience of electronic dance music to heightened levels.” League students can enjoy an orange grove which will be a separate area dedicated to League students.

Dandelion will be hosted by none other than Voice of Dance Music. For 24 years, VODM has hosted the Ultra Music Festival, the largest traveling festival in the world. His talents have been presented to millions of people over more than 3 decades, over 75 cities and 6 continents around the world.

For more information about the event visit here.